3 Ways PPC and SEO Work Together to Magnify ROI

3 Ways PPC and SEO Work Together to Magnify ROI

3 Ways PPC and SEO Work Together to Magnify ROI

At first sight, pay-per-click marketing and search engine optimization can seem diametrically opposed. Both aim to get your brand message in front of your target audience as they search for relevant words and phrases. But one accomplishes that goal through spending money on ads, while the other relies on building your website and its content to fit specific keywords over time.

And yet, despite their differing methodologies and underlying philosophies, both types of digital marketing actually make sense together. More specifically here are 3 ways in which PPC and SEO work together to magnify your ROI.

1) Scout Your SEO Keywords

Any search-based strategy can only be successful if you know what keywords and phrases your audience searches for related to your business. If you know the terms and sentences they type into Google and Bing, you can build your strategy around them and ensure that your website shows up on search engine results pages.

But how do you know which terms your audience actually searches for? Keyword research is crucial, but often limited to generalizations that don’t give you much insight into how your specific audience reacts to your specific message. Unfortunately, SEO is such a long-term effort that you can’t afford building an entire strategy on what turns out to be the wrong phrases.

PPC allows you to scout SEO keywords to determine which will be most successful. You can run identical search ads on a number of keywords related to your industry. Then, evaluate both the amount of clicks and conversions of each ad, and begin building your SEO with a specific emphasis on only the most successful keywords.

2) Maximize SERP Impact

Another reason the two concepts work so well together is deceptively simple. If you see the same message twice, are you more likely to notice it than if it’s only one message? Of course you are. By running PPC ads on the same keywords on which you focus your SEO strategy, you can maximize your exposure and impact for the search engine results page (SERP) of keywords relevant to your brand.

That success is not just theoretical. In fact, a landmark study found that an ad and organic result showing up on the same SERP resulted in both a greater increase of total clicks and average click-through rate for both the ad and the organic result. The organic result enhances and underscores the credibility of your PPC ad, ultimately leading to greater ROI on both.

3) Jumpstart Your Long-Term Strategy

Finally, combining your PPC and SEO efforts can help your website and business succeed and grow reliably over time. As mentioned above, search engine optimization is largely a long-term strategy. Simply put, it takes significant time to build a presence credible and relevant enough for your website to rank on the first page of search engine results for competitive keyword.

Most experts agree that it takes at least 4-6 months to begin seeing tangible results and ROI as a result of your SEO efforts, and it only begins growing from there. The goal, naturally, is to get to that point. But what about the time until that happens?

That’s where PPC kicks in. In short, it’s the perfect message to amplify your brand and increase its exposure on search engines while you work on your SEO efforts to become successful. And even then, the paid alternative doesn’t lose its effectiveness; in fact, you can use it as a continuous keyword research tool to keep optimizing your search strategy.

What’s your approach?

PPC and SEO may be very different concepts. But they aim to achieve the same goal, and can actually work in harmony to achieve it. If you truly want to maximize your digital marketing ROI, you may want to consider combining the two concepts. To learn more about how you can do just that, contact us and we’ll be more than happy to audit your current strategy for free!