7 Reasons Facebook Advertising is Better Than AdWords

7 Reasons Facebook Advertising is Better Than AdWords


7 Reasons Facebook Advertising is Better Than AdWords

Still focusing all your digital marketing budget on Google AdWords? It’s time to look seriously at Facebook ads. Over 3 million advertisers are currently active on Facebook. Why? Because Facebook ads give you and your customers what you want.

Here are our 7 reasons why Facebook advertising is better than AdWords.

1. Complete Audience Customization 

AdWords uses primarily one method to curate an audience – search terms. This requires the user base to act (and grow on their own terms) and takes all the control away from you as the advertiser. Facebook’s audience customization tools are both broader in options and more specific in customer targeting. They empower you to actively curate the ideal audience for each campaign. Facebook allows you to customize every aspect of an ad audience, including location, demographic, interests, behaviors, and their connections to you and their friends.

2. Generate Lookalike Audiences

AdWords is not set up to actively generate new audiences for their advertisers. Facebook does exactly this with their unique lookalike audience capabilities. This algorithm collects data on your current Facebook audience and compiles a new audience by searching for users with similar interests and behaviors. You can create a lookalike audience based on your entire following, or segment your following into custom audiences to reach new users in specific locations or with specific needs.

3. Power Editor

One major AdWords drawback for business of all sizes is the amount of time it takes to research, create, and manage a successful campaign. Facebook has solved this problem with Power Editor, a bulk ads creation and management tool. This remarkably easy to navigate software program enables you to quickly update, schedule, manage and customize ads individually or in groups. Saved preferences and goals make this one of the smoothest ad platforms available.

4. Capitalize on Known Interests

A great deal of SEO research must be done for an AdWords campaign to be successful. Most companies run multiple ads to capture slight variances in search terms which takes valuable time and effort and often results in very high PPC. With Facebook ads, their algorithm has already done the work for you. You can capitalize on known consumer interests based on individuals Facebook usage. Select interests, likes, pages and so much more when creating an ad. This customizes a specific audience from the outset so you can be confident you’re reaching the right users.

5. Focus on Content

Facebook’s focus on photo and video content is marketing of the now. AdWords offer small photos options and very limited copy. It’s old-fashioned and too product focused for modern audiences who are looking for brands and communities to belong to. Facebook offers video ads and multiple photo ad options including a slideshow “carousel” format. While some of the photo requirements may seem bizzare at first (particularly the rules about copy,) this is specifically designed to encourage advertisers to focus on engaging content and dial back reliance on copy. Facebook wants its advertisers to succeed and sets up these ads based on their proven best practices.

6. Cheap and Easy to Test New Things

Running, small, low-budget tests on micro-audiences or specific interest groups is cheap and easy. It takes less than a minute to create an ad and budgets can be set as low as $5. When testing is this simple, it opens up a world of targeted outreach. Test specific products, photos, language and more on specific interest groups, demographics, geographic regions and so much more. Testing on micro-audiences will give you the data you need to plan and budget for larger platform campaigns.

7. Excellent Analytic Data 

Individual campaign analytics are instant and exacting. Find out which of your ads encourage clicks, likes, shares, and comments, and then mold them to fit your needs. See audience breakdown, impressions, and more. With the new emoticon buttons introduced in February 2016, you’ll now be able to see which posts inspire love over like. When paired with your general page insights on both audience and posts, you’ll have massive amounts of data with which to grow your following and improve your ad results.


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