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Why is SEO even more Important to Your Company This Year?

Why is SEO even more Important to Your Company This Year?

Why is SEO even more Important to Your Company This Year?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a critical part of any online marketing campaign. While most businesses like to focus on the social selling aspects of online advertising, the truth is that a properly-built website that follows current SEO guidelines can make or break your brand. But just why is SEO Important?

Get More Traffic to Your Website
Social selling can get websites plenty of traffic, especially with the right social media marketing campaign. To maximize your traffic and gain a steady, highly-targeted audience ready to buy, you need to optimize your […] Read more

How Facebook Marketing Generates Leads: It’s Where Your Prospects Are

How Facebook Marketing Generates Leads: It’s Where Your Prospects Are

Why do you need to include Facebook marketing in your lead generation mix?

It’s a legitimate question, but once you understand the social media landscape, you’ll never ask it again.

What you’ll want to ask next is, how does Facebook marketing generate leads, and how soon can you get started?

Facebook is Ripe for Prospecting

If you like sage advice, consider the low-hanging fruit theory. The fact is that 72% of all adult internet users in the US – and well over half of the US adult population – use Facebook. (Other social media channels are […] Read more

Digital Marketing Rochester Domination with Google Adwords

Digital Marketing Rochester Domination with Google Adwords

How to DOMINATE Digital Marketing Rochester with Google Adwords

Did you know that if you want to dominate digital marketing Rochester,  Google Adwords is one of the single best ways to build a local audience online? Even if you were aware of that simple fact, what you might not know is how to dominate your market with Google Adwords to increase your overall revenue stream. We want to talk about that.

How to Use Google Adwords to Your Advantage

The only useful way to use google adwords in your digital advertising Rochester based strategy, is to keep it local. Local advertising campaigns are […] Read more

How to Make Facebook Advertising 2x Your ROI

How to Make Facebook Advertising 2x Your ROI

Get 2x Return on Investment with Facebook Ads Rochester Residents Receive!

Investors will tell you, if you have one source of income you are gambling with your financial life. As a business owner, attempting to generate traffic for your website, the same principle holds true. You simply need more than just one source of advertising to get your brand noticed and to generate a substantial Return On Investment (ROI).

Why Multiply Your Advertising Streams

There are numerous outlets for advertising your business. Facebook is one of them. In fact, Facebook is one of the biggest players on the digital advertising Rochester landscape. For […] Read more

Want Google To Send You Customers?

Get Google to Send you Customers!

Many small businesses use traditional methods to attract customers to their website. Perhaps through branding, or showing off their skills and products. However, these elements don’t actually bring in high quality customers. The question is, what does?

Search Engine Optimization is the single most important element towards attracting customers who want what you’re selling. Implementing a strategic and effective local SEO formula for your website requires more than just placing a few keywords on the page. It goes much deeper than that.

Why SEO Matters

By and large, small business owners need to attract localized customers to sell their […] Read more

How Facebook Marketing is Crushing the Competition

Facebook Does it Again!

One thing is for sure, we all know Facebook is taking the game over. As incredible as it sounds, Facebook is quickly becoming the single most effective platform for reaching your EXACT target audience.

Facebook is offering an amazing branding opportunity for businesses that choose to rise to the occasion. Facebook’s Ad platform is an outstanding way to get in touch with a client base, without them even realizing it. However, like Google, Facebook’s algorithms are choosy too. Our clients trust us to manage their campaign because we know how to target the right audience that will maximize your […] Read more

How Thinking Like an Investor Will Increase Your Website Traffic

How Thinking Like an Investor Will Increase Your Web Traffic

Too often, digital marketing campaigns are setup and managed by “creatives” and this is a recipe for disaster.

Creatives are always trying to come up with new exciting things and make things look beautiful instead of looking at the numbers, finding out whats working and then doubling down on that.

Instead of thinking like a creative you’ve got to think like an investor.

Just like investing, with digital marketing you must learn to ignore your emotions and make your decisions by numbers.

You’re not “Verizon” or “Apple” – you shouldn’t be running so called “branding […] Read more

What is The Most Dangerous Word in Business?

One is the most dangerous word in business.

Companies that depend on the number 1 are at extreme risk.

Let me give you an example…

Company A has 1 client that pays them $1 million dollars a year – that client decides to leave – they have $0.

Company B has 1,000 clients paying them $1,000 a year

– they make $1 million  a year and if one client decides to leave they still have $999,000.

What situation would you rather be in?

[…] Read more