How Facebook Marketing Generates Leads: It’s Where Your Prospects Are

How Facebook Marketing Generates Leads: It’s Where Your Prospects Are

Why do you need to include Facebook marketing in your lead generation mix?

It’s a legitimate question, but once you understand the social media landscape, you’ll never ask it again.

What you’ll want to ask next is, how does Facebook marketing generate leads, and how soon can you get started?

Facebook is Ripe for Prospecting

If you like sage advice, consider the low-hanging fruit theory. The fact is that 72% of all adult internet users in the US – and well over half of the US adult population – use Facebook. (Other social media channels are popular, but Facebook is by far the leader.) That means there are a lot of prospects on Facebook.

Just as important: they’re there a lot. Most Facebook users log in at least daily.

Some will argue that it’s primarily a social network, and therefore while it’s good territory to work when selling consumer products, it’s not productive for B2B (business to business) products and services.

That’s a good discussion to have, at some point, but at the risk of repeating ourselves, virtually everyone is on Facebook. So it’s a good place to reach people who buy home appliances and it’s just as good a place to reach the people who manufacture and distribute home appliances. We repeat: 72% of all US adult internet users are on Facebook. Quite simply, your business needs to be there too.

How to Generate Leads on Facebook

Facebook has long offered highly customizable advertising ad targeting features, and in recent months it’s gotten better.

It’s important to understand that ad targeting – the ability to reach people in specific geographic and demographic segments – is different from boosting posts.

Boosting posts will help you share your content and win you new Likes – and both are important – but they are not the same as actually generating leads.

Facebook Lead Generation Primer

While setting up Facebook lead generation ads is fairly straightforward, like any other marketing activity, you need to have a plan, a budget, and clear and trackable objectives in mind before you get started. And, lest all your work be in vain, you need a plan for managing those leads once they start rolling in.

We’ve done the math and know the ROI on Facebook lead generation and lead forms is pretty healthy. But unless you have an unlimited budget (ha, ha), you can’t afford to just toss money at any ad campaign without doing some testing and having clear follow-up guidelines in place to convert your new prospects into customers as quickly as possible.

Contact us to get started now, so you can reap the rewards yet this quarter. We’d be happy to provide the spark!