How Facebook Marketing is Crushing the Competition

Facebook Does it Again!

One thing is for sure, we all know Facebook is taking the game over. As incredible as it sounds, Facebook is quickly becoming the single most effective platform for reaching your EXACT target audience.

Facebook is offering an amazing branding opportunity for businesses that choose to rise to the occasion. Facebook’s Ad platform is an outstanding way to get in touch with a client base, without them even realizing it. However, like Google, Facebook’s algorithms are choosy too. Our clients trust us to manage their campaign because we know how to target the right audience that will maximize your bottom line.

As you probably know, Facebook has been utilizing the information housed on all Social Media profiles, for the betterment of Digital Media as a whole. It is important not too look at their efforts as aggressive or deceptive, what we must understand is that this information promotes relevancy of all Ad Campaigns.

When carried out effectively, your customers won’t realize you’re targeting them because it won’t feel like an ad being shoved in their face in the first place. Utilizing the information on Facebook profiles across the world, we can hone in on your target audience to degrees never realized by ad agencies ever before.

Facebook Introduces Lead-Generation Ads

Beyond the obvious fact that Facebook is a very high concentration of online consumers, they have once again improved the ad experience by allowing lead-generation ads.

These ads allow you to not only convey your powerful message to the target audience, but for the first time ever, Facebook is allowing you to capture email addresses of people who click on your ads.

This is incredibly powerful because you no longer have to make your ads compelling enough for a click through to your website, and then once again have a compelling call to action to capture lead generation information. This cuts friction out of the process, which we all know is the biggest killer to new customers!


If you’d like to discuss how to put this new ad strategy to work in your company, give us a shout!