Why is SEO even more Important to Your Company This Year?

Why is SEO even more Important to Your Company This Year?

Why is SEO even more Important to Your Company This Year?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a critical part of any online marketing campaign. While most businesses like to focus on the social selling aspects of online advertising, the truth is that a properly-built website that follows current SEO guidelines can make or break your brand. But just why is SEO Important?

Get More Traffic to Your Website
Social selling can get websites plenty of traffic, especially with the right social media marketing campaign. To maximize your traffic and gain a steady, highly-targeted audience ready to buy, you need to optimize your page around the right keywords. This helps your page rank better in the search results for those words, increasing the odds that people will stumble upon your website when they need your product or service the most.

Increase Brand Association
Having people associate your brand with the right keywords is an important part of marketing. Even if you don’t rank number one on Google for a keyword, just having your website frequently pop up in search results can help people keep you in mind. The better your SEO, the more often you will be seen.

Bury the Competition
While content marketing and social media marketing can get a steady stream of traffic, a properly optimized website can bring in even more customers. You never want your customers shopping with the competition, so strive to outrank them on Google and other search engines. The easiest way to do this is by following the most recent SEO guidelines and producing lots of valuable content.

But Why is SEO even MORE Important now than ever before?
There’s a couple key reasons why if you’re not focusing on Organic Search Engine Optimization, that you’re severely holding yourself back:

  • Google Removes Right Side Ads from Results: AdWords are even more competitive now and will continue to increase as more businesses compete for an even smaller pool of valuable ad space. More money spent per click = more expensive leads, or even worse – Wasted money on ads that won’t be seen on page 1.
  • Google’s “Snack Pack” is Changing: No longer is your business just going to show up in the core “Snack pack” or maps section just because you’re located in the target area for a search. Google is taking steps to become more of a directory for local and service based businesses. Think “Yelp” but much, much more exposure. If your business is not set up to be relevant to the “Snack Pack”, you’re losing valuable real estate on page 1, which means less traffic flow and customer flow to your website.
  • Organic Results Garner 30% MORE Traffic than Ads: This one’s the biggest no-brainer, and often most unknown fact about proper SEO. Statistics show that the top search results that are on page 1 for any search term gain 30% more traffic on average than any ad on the page. Why is this important? As the cost per click rises of the more competitive ad landscape, businesses focusing solely on ads will be left paying even more money to only get a share of 10% of the search term’s total traffic.

SEO is NOT Dead
There is a lot of information and opinion floating around that SEO is a dead practice, and is no longer the way to grow your business – locally or globally.

However, SEO is still the one technique which gets your brand in front of the highest number of targeted, ready to buy customers on a daily basis. Why pay an increasingly expensive rate for advertising cost per click, only to share 10% of the search traffic?

How Healthy is Your Company’s SEO?
If you are the least bit unsure of how your company’s SEO is performing, it’s vitally important to get a checkup. If your website isn’t properly set up to be able to get indexed in Google for relevant search terms, you’re already losing the battle to your competitors.

Until the end of March, we’re offering a free, no obligation website SEO audit and 30 minute strategy session. We’ll give you a full report showing both the good and the bad, and give you actionable advice on how to make sure you’re setting yourself up for success.

From there, you can implement the changes yourself, talk to us about implementing them for you, or do nothing at all – totally up to you.

To get your free SEO Audit, either Send me a Message on LinkedIn today, or book your SEO Audit and Strategy Session here:

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